Top 10 Cleaning Essentials You Need to Own

With the months of Diwali long gone, are you sulking over the cleaning duties now? Or, are you waiting for the festival of lights to begin with the deep cleaning of your house once again? If you aren’t and you shouldn’t, you would know by now that cleaning is no longer a gender specific activity and it is definitely not a festival specific activity too.

It is time to get started with the cleaning of your house, so that you can call it home.

We have curated a list of Cleaning Essentials that you should own and the same have been made available on the Provista website with attractive discounts.

1. Floor wiper

Unwanted water anywhere in the house is the home of disease bearing mosquitoes and unwanted water on the floor means the risk of slipping and mudding too. To tackle such situations, floor wiper is a must have home cleaning accessory.

2. Feather brush


Those delicate corners of your house look ready pretty, but, you know that they require equally delicate maintenance. Hence, feather brushes are here for your rescue! They can help you brush off the dust from your elegant and delicate corners of the house.

3. Glass Cleaning Applicators

Since you are on an Abhiyaan to clean every inch of your house, why leave the glasses behind? The shiny glasses always tell a better story than dirty ones. With Glass Cleaning Applicators, give your house a brand new shiny look.

4. Wet and dry mops

For any sort of dust and dirt or spills and stains, mops can help you keep your cleaning woes away. They complement each other and do what the other one cannot. Dry mop for dust and wet mop for spills.

5. Dishwashing Gel

Dishwashing is something that you just cannot escape. When you have to do it, you should do it right. Provista offers highest rated dishwashing gels to keep your utensils clean and shiny at all times.

6. Scotch Brite

Until and unless you own a dishwasher, dishwashing gel alone is of little use without Scotch Brite to scrub and clean and the utensils. Grab these as a pair and get discounts on Provista.

7. Cleaning Hand gloves

For any sanitization activity, it is of extreme importance to protect yourself from any direct contact with the germs. With cleaning hand gloves, you can save yourself from any direct touch and maintain the optimum level of hygiene.

8. Room Freshener

Be it your bedroom or the washroom, fresheners can lift up your spirits and make your room come to life by keeping any bad odour away.

9. Antiseptic liquid

Adding antiseptic liquid along with cleaners of any sort can make your home healthier and more hygienic. These liquids can do dual function of hygiene and first aid as well.

10. Insect Repellent Spray

With every other kind of cleaning said and done, give your house a 24×7 protection against unwanted guests in the form of insects. Be insect ready with insect repellent sprays and give the hygiene of your house a finishing touch.

You can get the festive feels everyday by keeping your home neat and tidy at all times. So, get these Cleaning Essentials and gear up for a year long festive vibe.

Happy cleaning, folks!

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