5 Must Have Stationery Items for your Office Desk

Somethings never go out of fashion.

No matter how ‘digital’ we get in our approach, no matter how tech savvy we get, nothing can replace the feeling of a highlighter on a printed piece of paper.

Also, how many times have you frantically searched for a paper clip or a file before submission at work? More than you can probably count on your fingers, isn’t it?

While keeping a check on stationary might sound outdated or below your pay grade, slightest carelessness to maintain it can cause inconvenience at the most inconvenient of times.

In order to help you with this evergreen problem, we have curated a list of must have stationery items for your office desk. You can buy them from Provista and save as you excel with discounts that Provista offers.

1. Pen stand

The juggling between drawers of your desk and pockets of your bag to find a pen or pencil when you need it the most has happened to the best of us and we know how frustrating it can get.

To avoid such frustration and last minute treasure hunt in your drawer, Provista has various forms of pen stands, from plastic to metallic, so that you can keep your pens and pencils at one spot and avoid the game of hide-n-seek that your stationery plays with you.

2. Desk Tray

Even in this digital world, we are not done away papers and files yet. To manage your desk better and to hold the handy stationery or files, there is nothing better than a desk tray that can hold your fortress and clear the clutter at the same time. There are various colours and types of desk trays available on Provista, which will complete your office stationery item checklist.

3. Post it Notes

Be it a quick reminder for pending tasks or getting a short to-do list for the day, post-it notes are your best friend when it comes to keeping your work organized. The beauty of this office stationery item is, it doesn’t take up much space, gets discarded easily and keeps you on top of your game by being organized. With the colourful collection available on Provista, you can literally add colours to your office desk as you excel.

4. Paper clips and stapler

To keep your pages intact and together, paper clips and staplers are the rescue item that you should always keep handy. The best part is, you can fit the stapler in the pen stand itself to save space and the paper clips are too tiny to take up any space at all. This office stationery item can be bought at a discounted price with Provista, so that you can keep your papers and pocket binded.

5. Highlighter/Eraser/Sharpener/Scale

These small must have office stationery items might slip off your mind while shopping for your desk. However, to go with your daily paperwork and mark things of importance, you cannot overlook the importance of having a stock of highlighters and erasers in your drawer.

With Provista providing all these things of importance under one roof, you don’t have to wander around to fill your office stationery cart. Also, the attractive discounts will make it worth your while and keep you one step ahead.

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